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Providence College strives​​ to reflect the diversity of the human family as it preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a new generation of students in word and deed. A​s a Catholic and Dominican institution, diversity is a key component of our collective pursuit of truth, promoting rigorous exploration of diverse ideas and theories, critical engagement with the world, cross-cultural understanding, innovation in problem-solving, and collaboration across differences within and beyond the classroom. To achieve this, the College is committed to cultivating policies, practices, and structures that assure an equitable and hospitable community for all students, staff, and faculty.​

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  • September 2017 Update (.pdf)
  • May 2017 Update (.pdf)


The Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) supports the College’s mission to create a rich learning, living, and working environment that affirms the ess​ential dignity of every person.

  • ​Office of Institutional Diversity​, Equity, and Inclusion
  • The Center @ Moore Hall
  • Campus Climate


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  • ​Office of Admission
  • Apply to PC
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  • Multicultural Scholarships Program
  • Explore Providence College​​


The Multicultural Student Success Program​ ensures the academic, cultural, social, and emotional success of students of color and first-generation college students.​

  • Multicultural Student Success Program​
  • Transitions Program​​



The Division of Student Affairs, through our comprehensiv​​e services and programs, strives to guide and support our students while at PC and prepare them well for their lives after graduation. ​

  • ​Division of Student Affairs
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  • Title IX and Sexual ​Harassment​​
  • Non-Biased Policing
  • Cultural Agility
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Our academic programs, courses focused on cross-cultural understanding, ​and study abroad programs ​help students understand the​ ideas​​ and traditions that have shaped the w​orld.

  • ​Academics
  • Majors and Minors
  • Core Curriculum​​​
  • Office of Academic Services​
  • Center for Global Education​
  • Feinstein Institute for Public Service​

Board of Multicultural
Student Affairs

BMSA is a student-led organization that serves to bring cultural awareness to the PC campus. BMSA has more than 90​ student leaders and hosts some of the most well-attended events on campus.​​

  • ​Board of Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Horizons​
  • Peer Mentor Program​
  • Langu​age and Cultural Clubs​


Mission and Ministry coordinates the college-wide process of maintaining, enha​ncing, and promoting the distinctive mission of Providence College as a Catholic and Dominican college.

  • Office of Mission and Ministry
  • Campus Ministry​​
  • Catholic and Dominican ​Identity​



We support the mission of Providence College, honor its Catholic and Dominican tradition, and strive to be a strategic value-added partner in service to the College and its faculty, staff, and students.

  • ​​​Surf最新VIP破解版
  • About
  • Careers​
  • Benefits​


The Providence College National Alumni Association is your PC family — beginning with your first day on campus. This means that you have 55,000-plus PC relatives: It’s always easy to find a fellow Friar!​

  • ​latern专业破解版安卓最新版
  • National Alumni Association​
  • Regional Clubs​
  • Profess​ional Networking
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